Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


With Divine Mercy: Humble Yourself Before God

Humble yourself before God and he will exalt you. Humble yourself before me saith the Lord. Humble yourself under the hand of God. Cast all your cares upon him. Those who oppress the needy insult the Lord. Were to share for the less fortunate. Life is in giving and taking. Life is trust. All live with a dark side, which haunts in times sensed, disturbing experience. Nothing happens that not coming to all of us. All have everything coming in time. Obedience is the source of all happiness. Obedience is the adjustments of all happenings. We are the sheep. The Lamb of God is our shepherd we follow. God humbled himself in front of God the Father, I say unto you unless your born again a new daily. You will not enter the kingdom of God. The most important force of the universe is the Holy Spirit. Everything you do has to be applied by faith in the Holy Spirit. All have received a human spirit with birth and bare the same spirit of Christ. Life is reproducing of his own kind, invisible like the wind through the Holy Spirit unto you to receive or reject. You are a duplicated copy of your parents. God put his spirit within you to come out when your born again. You bare the image of your earthly parents and carry the image of Christ within you and released only through the Holy Spirit in your willing. Spiritual values are the survival you have, to walk humbly with the Lord. Do justly to the less fortunate to seek the kingdom of God. God knows your needs that will be added to your life. Pray to the Holy Spirit for direction. Only by faith you please God. God have mercy on all living souls. No man ascend up to Heaven but he that cometh down from heaven. The bible does not promise heaven. If your faith is vain you have fallen asleep and will parish. In Christ all will be made alive. You live on your rapture. Your mentality runs on your wisdom. Through prayer you expose yourself to God. Through your action's and faith God will heal and forgive your sins. Glorify the Lord. His name will be praised. The fruit of the holy spirit is love, peace and joy which produces patience kindness and goodness. The work of the Holy Spirit is what we can't do for ourselves. Sinning shoes up within the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Sin destroys sense of worth. Self worth is based on your performance in life. God said your worth is, I died for you. Your will or God's will, God shows divine mercy.