Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


What's the Difference : Your Will Your Way

What a difference a day makes. So many days, so little time. God gave you live. It's you who makes a difference. The seed of life is not given to you alone. The difference from life brings desire. Definition of things to come. The culture of man formed in the beginning molded by the hand of God different in kind and color. All difference is or the mind include a free will embraced to all humanity. Time is an age difference transient not lasting or staying long. The nature of being determines man's salvation. The difference between mind over matter. What conception of the mind lives in the heart. Uncertainty or lives decision rule the mind. Deception becomes prevalent defiant from the will God. Man's free will is in domination of all living creatures of this universe. God's will instructions serene given to be followed to eternity. Defiance of God's warnings penalty to extreme. The will of god was broken from the beginning. First born Adam and Eve were given God's will and warning, enticed not to eat a certain fruit from the tree of knowledge was ignored a fallen angel fell from God's grace Satan a master disguised as a serpent sin was born and is rampant to all mankind. The wages of sin is death severe in penalty yet still not listened to, all carry this guilt to this day and forever, better to follow God's will than his wrath, through Satan the domination of mankind is ruled by the darkness of an angel cast down from Heaven. The difference of all mankind was given by God. He sent his only begotten son Jesus the Christ not to save but to salvage the soul. From your sin he was crucified by Pontus Pilot died in agony from pain and suffering. After three days from the grave he has risen, sits at the right hand side in Heaven with our Heavenly Father, greed, deception, conspiracy, and betrayal occupy the mind of man. Lust conceived is manifestation of desire, the transgression of sin. Salvation only comes by redemption. Temptation rules the mind. Blame not Satan from your sins. It's you who opens the door. God gives a way of escape through repentance. Only the one with heavenly power can heal the sick and raise the dead, God himself. Life is not what your living for but what your dying from. The difference in life's journey is justified by faith. Spiritual nature is to adhere to: the true word's given by God. The Holy Bible, The Ten Commandments, the purpose for life's existence. Restitution is the difference you make in life. Life is but a vapor all are passing through. In thanks giving give God all the praise and glory. The Holy Trinity of all things, in the name of our father Jesus the Christ in the Holy Spirit.