Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Vengeance is Mine: Saith the Lord

Those who live in obedience are my children. Praise be to the Lord Jesus the Christ. Study God's word and listen to the good news the will of God. Through the heart of the mind everyday of live we're fulfilling our destiny. God wants his children to be intelligent through his wisdom of knowledge. From birth brings a talent that weaves a circle we live to the end. Jesus the Christ gave us power over our enemy. Life is a journey through time to gain wisdom and knowledge to accompany ones success or failure. All life being born of God is the greatest give to acquire and not master. Thanksgiving in return is to honor and praise the Lord of life, creator of all the universe and every living thing. God the giver of life is our only savior. For everlasting life, God sent his only begotten son to earth to teach and to save us from our temptation of sin. From the beginning of time temptation from sin was born. Adam and Eve first born in the Garden of Eden were told and warned by God not to eat of a certain fruit from the tree of knowledge. Against God's will, disguised as a serpent, Satan, a fallen angel, convinced them nothing would happen and sin came alive from temptation. From that day to now sin runs rampant. Satan is our advisory that brings evil to the soul. Evil is harmful to our health and will keep all from everlasting life. Satan always attracts our weakness. Satan knows the scripture of the bible forwards and backwards. He can quote all passages and twist it to be a lie. All are born in the Holy Spirit given by God the Father. Through Satan also an evil spirit derives from sin, against God's will. When you sin you challenge your faith willingly and lose your blessings. To betray God the Father you eat your seed of life and will never have a harvest. Instructions from God's will is final and will never change. Through the word of god is today and forever. Judgment is of the Lord. Judge not lest yea be judged. All have to come by me to have everlasting life. God is merciful in his grace and mercy. The saving power of Jesus the Christ is in the forgiving. Blessed be to the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.