Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Time: Time is a Dimension of Life

Time itself is the most valuable asset one can have. Wasted time is a loss of knowledge and growth. Time to be born, time to die. There's a time for everything. Forget not that your time in life comes from the creator of all living beings, the Lord God, Jesus the Christ. All are born in Christ and are responsible for time allotted for the gift of life. From birth to death, there is time to achieve life's goals and accomplishments. Life and time also bring life's disorders, sickness, and crippling diseases. Time is needed in healing. Love, Faith, and compassion are the main ingredients. Comforting brings relief from distress. Comfort comes through prayer asking for forgiveness. God, the giver of life, hears all prayers. There is no distance in time. God's purpose for life is what you make of it. God gives all a free will and time to find spiritual help and healing. Praise to the Lord Jesus the Christ. All life to live is God's gift to you. All are born with gifts and mission to fulfill in life. One day all will vanish in the midst of time. Remember one thing, life eternal comes to those who follow and obey the Ten Commandments. Time is what you do with your life. To waste it, you lose it. It's up to you. There is a heaven and there is a hell. You choose your destination. With life, we are only passing through. How close you are in Christ Jesus is how far you are away. Every opportunity is given to follow in the will of God or your will. Time is all you have, waste not a minute of it, every moment there has been or ever will be. Time is a system of measuring a set period in life to live or leave by. Time to cannot be put on reverse. Time has to go forward. All time is right now. You are not promised tomorrow.