Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Time Travel: Distant Resolve

Energy of life begins with a beating heart, ignition of contention, the meaning of consciousness aware of knowledge of being alive. God is the creator of all the universe and every living being. All life is good God our Heavenly Father. God the designer of every creature, the earth, plush in greenery, the blue skies, birds of the air and fish of the sea. God made man molded from clay, unique in every way, special, one of a kind, different in culture, language, and color. All life is for a purpose to serve and glorify our God the Father, each and every one a gift of life. A mind, a body, and sould with free will to succeed and to follow of God. Aliened at birth bringing about knowledge, wisdom and a learning period, advancement for achievement in life's form. The body born of God made holy at birth to grow and prosper. In the beginning God placed a warning for His will to be followed through out time. Without exception not to eat a certain fruit forbidden was broken. Fear not was not listened to cast out of Heaven, Lucifer, a fallen angel disguised as a serpent, ignored by God's warning not to worry, the sin of the world came alive and to this day prevalent run rampant, epidemic in form original sin. All humanity carries this guild to this day. Our enemy of today, Satan, Lucifer, the Devil demonic, alive and well dominates the world, ruler of darkness, relationship by our previous parents, sin is in all living beings. Temptation opens the door, God's warning ignored. The wages of sin is death, yet we still dont listen, consequences from sin all will face at judgment. Gesture is the open door to life. The heart is the magnet to the soul. The human heart carries every aspect every thing imaginable, holy and evil that lives in the heart comes alive at will. Pain, feeling, hate, sickness, love, forgiveness, lust and greed is stored in the mind, lives in the heart. There is no trust in mankind. Only in God our Father, the way the truth the words of the holy Bible, the Ten Commandments, the savior of the soul by gesture is what's the measure of life. It's what you bring to the table, who do you serve, and who do you follow? Life is but a vapor we all passing through. Time travel is based on contention composed through the mind. Life is a gesture of hope, faith, and love we show others. The keys of life are God's unconditional love he shows for each of us. Your blessing is what you bring to the table, is your harvest. Blessed be in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.