Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Time: The Essence of Being: Journey Without End

Infinite, indefinite from time's beginning to no end. The burst of energy. God's creation of all the universe came alive. Civilization was born, and God said “let there be light”. The explosion of nature originated by God Almighty. Time became an energy factor for life to exist. In Gods image he made man. By his finger he molded and shaped all humanity. Every culture of every living thing, God gave birth to. Every living thing of natures, all the animals, birds of the air, and fish of the sea. Dominion was given to man to serve the purpose for survival and to care for accountability and responsible for every living creature. The garden of Eden with lush greenery, God formed for man. Adam named by God, given a free will, also God formed woman companion named Eve. Strict warning not to eat of a certain fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. In defiance of God's will was broken. A fallen angel cast down from Heaven, enticed nothing would happen. Disguised as a serpent, God's warning was ignored and the first sin came alive and runs rampant to this day. All humanity carries this guilt regardless of God's warning the penalty of sin is death without everlasting life to come. Satan is alive and well with multitudes in the millions, legions dominate this earth. Satan, the ruler of darkness, invades the minds of mankind. Deception, greed, conspiracy, and temptation of every kind what stays in the mind lives in the heart. All are guilty of sin. Disobedience is discretion of obedience without repentance life is of no value. Anxiety forms the nature of anger worry and emotions are cause for fear. Salvation only escape of obedience discipline faith in God. Believing Jesus died for your sins. Forgiveness for others. Steadfast to the will of God. Time to be born, time to cry, final time of life. To be or not to be. Time is the most valuable asset. All time comes with a price. You are responsible and accountable for every minute. The price of life used is in your thanksgiving and blessing's shared to others God has given us. In giving back, leaving something greater than you had. Praising and glorifying the lord. Holy in Trinity, the Father, His Son in the holy Spirit.