Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Thorns of the Flesh

We live in a place where many things in life become thorns. God knows all the thorns you carry. Thorns of the flesh; body pain, health pain, hurts, hates work. Many want not to work, but want to receive what's not rightly theirs. If you do work, thorns still await you. Everyone carries thorns in the work place, or at home. You have to get your spirit right with God. God will take care of the rest. Thank God for what you do have, including the pain and hurt you carry in your body. Apostle Paul was troubled from every side, front, back, up, down & depressed; but he was not in despair. Apostle Paul prayed for God to remove his thorn. Many point the finger to God for their thorn and remove themselves from His church and givings. All carry thorns that will make you pray. Thorns will make you go to Jesus for help. Jesus is the first person you go to before you go to your doctor, family or friends. Common sense tells you to go to Jesus in spite of your thorns. Pray night and day; always ask others to help pray with you. Your help comes from the Lord. God has a way in giving strength and comfort. Lift the name of Jesus in all your pain and sorrow. Jesus says, My grace is sufficient; I give you assurance. I give you comfort; I give you strength. I give you My grace. I walk with you in the valley you're in. I will never leave or forsake you. I will see you through all your difficulties. I died for you. I carry all your pain and thorns with me. My grace has been bestowed in your life. All blessings came unto the believers. God does not always change your circumstances. Through prayer His promises are not always true to your change. God's promise is for your best interest.

Apostle Paul carries a thorn and it wasnít removed. God wanted him to be humble. The purpose was to do Godís will, not his own. All carry thorns of hurt and weakness. God teaches us to rest and live in His grace. Grace is God's method of demonstrating his purpose in your life. Apostle Paul said grace is His provision, contentment and absence of the pain. The Christ living in you is greater than the pain within you. You have an adversary living within you. Give thanks for what the Lord has done for you. Persecution and tribulation you may have; but someone is praying for your faith. Your Father lay kneeling... praying & waiting on you. Amen. Alleluia.