Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Vision of Truth: Conscious of the Fact

Conscious is all matter of face, being aware, mentally awake, and conscious to the feeling. Subconscious is awareness of the mind. You are the guardian of the soul. You become a witness to the fullness of your life. God, our heavenly father, the creator of all the universe and all living beings, we were born in his image and likeness. Man was formed and molded all different in kind. In the beginning of time by the touch of God's hand, life came alive. Beings and creatures of all kind burst alive to a flowering existence. Nature's birth every type of creatures, animal, fowl bird of the air, fish of the sea. God gave man dominion over. Life is to be glorified and to honor God the Father. Your life is God's gift to you with a free will to live by. You were energized by the love of God. In the beginning, with life in the Garden of Eden with lush greenery, Adam was formed by the divine works of God. Being alone God took a rob from Adams side and Adam had a mate, Eve by name. God gave Adam and Eve a free will to live by with instructions and a warning not to eat of a certain fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Deceived by a serpent, who told them to ignore God's warning, that nothing would happen. The first sin against God was committed and to this day runs rampant. An angel fallen from God's grace was thrown from Heaven. Disguised as a serpent, Lucifer by name, as Satan and the Devil. God's warning the wages of sin is death. To this day, Satan rules. God also created Hell for his fallen angels. Hell is real. The fires are forever. Suffering the gnawing of teeth, the crawling of worms, the squirming of snakes, are for those who commit mortal sin. Satan is a demonic evil spirit to spread destruction and havoc. Evil spirits are here to infect and deceive and to rule. Demonic in nature they are real in the millions with sin is to divert the mind, body, and soul. Everyone answers to his own sin at judgment day. All cometh by me said the Lord. All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. With the message of warning brings the message of deliverance, who is living on the inside of you. The Christ living in you is greater than the pain with in you. Give thanks for what God has done for you. God is refuge for your soul. Your Father lay kneeling, praying, waiting on you. Your first breath I gave you. My breath I leave to save your soul. Your life is the gift to change and return with God's grace with mercy. The way, the truth, and the light yesterday, today and forever which is timeless. Time is the essence of existence. The prophecy of time is the Holy Bible, the keeper of the soul. Praise be to the Holy Trinity, Glory be to God, our Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.