Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Vision of Matter: Yourself

In the beginning of time, matter became a living substance. A dimensional being. God the Father, creator of all the universe gave you your first breath. All materials formed, designed, and finely turned by God the Father. All are different in kind, energized, divine in nature. Born in the image of God Himself. All carry the traits of goodness, the living matter of his affection. Glorified in the eyes of God, you were made alive in thanksgiving. Praise be to God our Heavenly Father. The spirit of God dwells in all living beings. Gods loving and personal gift, a free will to survive and serve life's journey. God's will is also given for one's protection and to be followed. The warning against sin. Adam and Eve first born with the warning from God, instructions not to eat of a certain fruit from the tree of knowledge was broken. A fallen angel from Heaven, disguised as a serpent, Adam and Eve were deceived by Lucifer not to fear. The unforgivable sin was born and runs rampant to this day. All living beings all carry this guilt and are responsible and accountable. Through repentance God gives a way of escape of life changing. All life's matter consists with two spirits. The Holy Spirit of God and the spirit of darkness with evil forces. You choose your destiny. Paranoia is not knowing the other side. You can't live until you look at your mortality. We are vessels of water with a purpose at heart. Your dawn is the harvest of your matter. Your salvation is from a higher power, God Himself. God sent his only begotten son, born of a virgin named Mary who became the mother of God. Jesus was to be his name, the name above all names. He came as a teacher of divine nature with the knowledge and all wisdom. The righteousness and truth of God. At the age of thirty three Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples. Judas by name and for thirty pieces of silver, Jesus was crucified by Pontius Pilate. He died and was buried at Calvary for the sins of all mankind. After three days he was resurrected from the grave. He was raised by God and is home with our Heavenly Father. The blood of Jesus was shed for our sins of guilt all live with. Fear and uncertainty all live with to Judgment Day. May God's grace and mercy shine in your favor. To be forgiven from sin is to be righteous and follow the will of God. Through prayer is to have a personal relationship with God our Father. The Holy Bible is the true insurance for eternal life. The reincarnation of the soul. Divine in nature is the treasure to follow. Reality is the visible light to see beyond. Silent like the wind we hear the whisper of content. The glory of God is truth and understanding in His word. Glory be to our Heavenly Father, Lord God, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Trinity.