Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Six Senses: With Special Attention Given by God


Hell will not destroy sight: to see your sight is one of your gifts to find your way in life. Not all are so lucky. Many become blind and born blind by many sources; accidents, disease, ect. Appearance-something seen-reading-observation


You will cry for help: also the tongue destroys. The tongue is to express- to teach to use for good or bad. To preach the good news. To sing with sounds expression relation action wish prayer.


You will feel the heat: torment hurt to express thoughts. Enjoyment destruction through feelings gratification sense of touch. Sympathy sensation pity opinion physical awareness emotion.


You will remember never forget everything: storage capacity power to act, period of remembering deeds for good or bad all deeds will be paid in full.


Deaf on earth you will hear after death: listen to inform aware of sound to learn to hear or refuse to listen to be told.

The Sixth Sense

Opportunity given with life's experience. All life is God's gift to you. You have responsibility and obligation and able to distinguish right from wrong. How you use it distinguishes the circumstances you life with. For good or bad you will remember. All live with a combination of circumstances without regard. Your actions thoughts to advance purpose. All human life live with freewill assigned to all living beings. Eternal life depends on freewill. There is a heaven and hell. You determine your life's journey. Forget not your sixth sense, opportunity. Every day you live. Your personal gift from God Amen Alleluia.