Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Sin That's Ever Before You

Jesus the Christ sacrificed his life just for you. Jesus says this is my body I give up just for you. Yet from that day to this millions of women use his same words, this is my body I give up for abortion. The world is cruel and it can be kind-- at birth and at death. We are all created for God—by God for special purpose. Our body is a temple of the Holy spirit. Birth is a cry from the inside. The greatest gift in your life is other life. Through the unborn the cry "let me live". You cannot know the difference I can make –let me live. With these feelings what do you deserve, the sin that never changes. The three sins you will live with. Abortion -- killing of the baby: Sacrificing to Satan: God's gift against Gods will. Jesus speaks for the unborn. You will always remember the child you never knew. You are a brother or sister to the unborn. Lord have mercy—how dare you ask for mercy. Listen to those in the womb who also cry for mercy. The mercy you show them you will also receive.

The cry from the inside the unborn.