Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Shadow of Darkness: Life's Hidden Dark Side

Supreme in being, God our heavenly father, Creator of all the universe, Heaven and earth, all humanity and every living being of existence, creatures of the sea, birds of the air, animals of every kind. Born in his image, human bodies, different in culture, artistic in every form. nerve center to all creation, man and woman formed by the hand of god, life came alive with a mind, a beating heart, energized by god's breath, a soul with a free will of existence. Gods will with instructions were given to be followed throughout life's term. Born in the holy spirit, the holy bible plus the Ten Commandments to be obeyed. Thy will be down on earth as it is in heaven. Stern warnings with severe penalty, punishment of death, Angels from Heaven rebelled against gods authority, fallen from his grace, were cast down and given refuge on earth. God also created hell, which is real, occupied by the followers of lucifer, a devil named satan. By betrayal, legions of demons in vast demonic evilistic nature. Rulers of darkness invade the minds through temptation of sin. The first sin was committed by adam and eve from the Garden of Eden. By deception, Lucifer disguised as a serpent. A certain fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, no to touch or eat. All humanity from the first sind carry this guilt and runs rampant to this day, prevalent to all humanity. All live in the shadow of darkness, life's hidden dark side, disobedience and ignorance, man's temptation for sin to endure. Demons of every nature occupy the minds of mankind through deception, corruption, greed, rage, and lies. All life is monitored from birth to death by God for judgment. born in the Holy Spirit, the body is the temple of God. The heart is the guardian of the soul. Evil spirits are fallen angles that invade the mind through deception. invisible, they enter the mind at the weakest point deception by evil forces. Salvation by redemption is the savior of the soul. Repentance is the only escape form death everlasting. The shadow of frear is sin, Prayer is the most powerful word in the universe. God listens to all prayers. Faith is life hoped for. Prayer is in guidance and direction, we ask for forgiveness, not to forgive others you are not forgiven. In thanksgiving is in giving back something greater than you have received. Giving God all the praise and glory, in the name of our Heavenly Father, Lord, God, Jesus the Christ in the holy spirit.