Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Rituals of Sin: It's Contagious

All beings born of God the Father almighty, are aligned with a mind, body and soul. Your life is God's gift to you with a free will to succeed and to accomplish life's goal to the fullest. All human beings contain through the soul. The Spirit of God for spiritual value for one's life time. All are born with different abilities and behavior of goodness or greatness. One's attitude is a product of oneself; your attitude is either an asset or liability. Attitude is also ones greed. Do unto others, as you want them to do unto you. It doesn't quite work that way. There are three C's that come to living with aggression. Criticize, Complain, and condemn. This action develops in all our lives from birth to death. This type of behavior separates people's lives. The spoils of fear brings the sin we all encounter. Sensitive thoughts and thinking shrink our values we live with. Throughout life everybody lives with deception and greed. The Bible states its better to give than receive. Everybody looks for the silverlining, we become stingy in our giving, selfish in our keeping and self-centered in our wants. Remember one in life you only a caretaker with the things you have. To gain everything in worldly goods is left at death. How foolish many live to gain everything sadly lose there life and soul. The bill for your life has been payed for. God the Father Almighty sent his only begotten Son to live and die for each and every one of us for our sins. All life source lives with sin introduced at the beginning of time. Through Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden. They were warned about the fruit of the tree of knowledge against God's will and sin was born and flourishes madly to this day. Sin is the tranceression of the Ten Commandments given by God through Moses for all humanity to come. They are spiritual and are to be followed and lived by. Greed and wants in your heart against god's will is sin. All live with despair, which is a vision of fear. To be lost in sin and pride keeps you from God's healing. Shape your heart with the things that are good and pure. Your word's are controlled by the tongue and heart. With evil in your heart evil will breed disobedience against the will of God. God wants you to keep your heart pure with with all diligent, living by the word of God. Your heart is being monitored with God's way of thinking that cleanses the heart. God's desire in the word has to come through you to shame the heart with goodness of God. God's word is to teach all how to succeed and live in harmony and understanding. Wisdom, knowledge and meditation comes with the word of the Lord. In everything that is true and just. God honors disappointments with blessings. The more Christ that's in you reflects through you to others. God is rich in mercy in your relationship with Jesus Christ.