Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Presence of God: The Holy Eucharist

The bible is the sovereign sacred book of Christianity containing the holy scriptures, the word of God. The holy sacraments are given by God, the gift of life everlasting. The holy Eucharist is the most powerful, the body and blood of Jesus the Christ. The spirit of God speaks through the church. The real presence of God is the church. Jesus is the living bread come down from heaven. Personal relationship comes with the holy Eucharist, communion with God. You carry the image of Christ within you and is released in your willing. Where you stand with God is where you stand in life. Spiritual values are the only survival you have. The Virgin Mary Mother of God is here to intercede on our behalf. Her help is offered by God for our salvation. It's up to all to ask for help through prayer. Always pray never to lose the light. God gives light so we can see. Don't be blind not to ask for direction. The first sin and evil was introduced in the Garden of Eden. From that day to this the knowledge of sin flourishes. To this day more than ever violence is more receptive and it seems the more the better. Through the holy spirit overshadows our life. It's easier for us to be receptive with the noise of the world. It's hard to be receptive to the Lord. We're afraid of what is found in the eyes of God. We're entertained by violence and the more we are he more we want. Blindness is also added to moral value. Moral blindness is bondage. Be careful how you walk. Make the most of your life because all time is limited. With ignorance all are afraid of the truth. Except a man be born again cannot see the kingdom of God. You are a duplicate copy of your father and mother. God also put his spirit within you to come out when you are born. Jesus the Christ reproduces in his image invisible like the wind through the hold spirit unto you. All bear the same spirit of Christ. All carry original sin from Adam and Eve. All life with forbidden desire. God have mercy. Help us, Jesus, find our way. Make our hearts into thine. God's answer, repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.