Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Power of Prayer: Refining Yourself

Prayer and all life is Gods design. Prayer is the lifesaving gift from God. Prayer is your personal relationship with our Father Lord God Jesus the Christ Creator of all the universe. Prayer in the name of the Lord is our guarantee to everlasting life. Pray always saith the Lord thy kingdom come. Be obedient to the will and word of God. Prayer is God's medicine for the heart and soul. Focus your life unto the Lord and receive his love peace and joy. Faith in the Lord brings purpose for your life. Looking down but up. Through prayer he will reach down lifting you up with blessings that flow like a river. The purpose of prayer is to open and change the events of our lives. Prayer is to open change of heart and to see clearly the direction with courage and strength to acquire life's gain. We pray in order not to bend God's will to our own, but to place our will in the hands of God. Not my will but thy will be done. I say unto you whatsoever you desire when you pray to the Lord is to receive it. Your harvest you labor for yea shall also reap. The most precious gift is Jesus the Christ through faith with prayer. His joy and peace is your strength. He will change your circumstances. He knows your mind thoughts and feelings. Prayers are all listened to twenty four sever. Always pray asking for help and guidance. He will never leave or forsake you. God hears all prayers for self or others. Changing and shaping is the virtue of God. Prayer is our daily bread. Through prayer you expose yourself with God. Everything in life you do has to be applied by faith in the Holy Spirit. God's promise come in effect for your benefit. God is the fulfillment of all things. God's promise is through communion and personal relationship with Christ in you. By your faith all things come alive. Your faith will never register above the words of the mouth. A dream is like an unopened letter of yourself. The closer you get with god is as close you will be at life's end. The way you measure God's word is a measure returned through prayer. Everything you need is for today. The rest is waiting for you through your salvation. God gives you provision the living water. The bible is a life changing book. The bible is having faith in the living God almighty. Prayers are not automatic. They come by faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Faith is a gift of God from God given unto all living beings. The measure of faith comes with being born again. When you're born again you automatically filled with the Holy Spirit. Faith is acting on God's word. Faith cometh by hearing and by hearing cometh faith. God only honors his word from prayers by faith. Pray for God's grace and anointing. The healing of the heart.