Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Olive Tree: A Symbol of Peace

Noah and his family knew the flood was ending when a dove returned to the ark with an olive branch (Genesis 8:11). the olive tree, to look at it, it grows in a twisted way. No bigger than an apple tree. Its leaves are two dark colors of gray and faded green. The beauty from out of the ugliness. Being attractive but still ugly, its beauty still as an olive tree. Its small oval fruit eaten green or ripe as a relish or pressed when ripe to extract its live-giving olive oil yellowish green color from its unripe fruit. Usefulness lies in its growth. Its olives have to be pressed and squeezed to extract its oil. We also have to be pressed for us to perform. Even the potter has to form us. We are pressed and shaped the same as the olive tree. God uses all of us in different forms and places. Beauty is found in its usefulness. The olive tree needs not a lot of attention. It needs little water to grow. Perseverance Is also in the olive tree. It grows in rocky soil. The beauty of the tree, you can cut it down and it will grow back. We are also like the olive tree. We can be cut down and come back. We are all as an olive tree. Its beauty is in all human life. All twisted with our lives also bring the struggle with life. With the struggle bring the strength. Strength comes with the struggle. All life is a struggle. Let God water yourself in his word. God is real, let him take charge in your life. His beauty shall be as an olive tree. All human life grows in a twisted way. The sacred olive tree. Its life is a source of live giving and healing food supplied by God our Father.