Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Human Soul: Divine in Nature

Creation through our heavenly Father, supreme in being, God Himself. Designed in his image the human body with a soul with everlasting life. The body consists of a mind, a soul and a beating heart. Energized, a mind conscience of thought and thinking, the soul activated by awareness of fact and truth. The burst of life given at birth, the infectious heart becomes the guardian of the soul. The eyes create an ego that develops the soul. There is no separation from consciousness. It's the gift that starts at birth. Consciousness is to bring the body alive, touch, pain, feelings, fear, happiness, love, peace with joy accompany through the mind. Wisdom is the most valuable gift with knowledge, a learning period of trust with truth. Every organ of the body is precisely energized special in every way to perform a purpose of existence. The soul is immortal from death and is reincarnated in different forms. Rebirth with no end, everlasting forever. The soul consists of two spirits, one holy and evil the other. A free will, God's will the other instructions to follow with a stern warning. Spiritual values sublime in nature were broken by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Enticed by a serpent against the will of God's warning. The forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, original sin was born and became prevalent to this day and runs rampant. Through God's warning, the wages of sin is death without everlasting life, a fallen angel cast out of heaven, Satan, Lucifer by name. Evil spirits through sin originated by our previous parents all humanity carry this guilt of sin. Evil rules the world, Satan the ruler of darkness, our adversary controls our minds through deception, conspiracy, lies, selfishness, greed and desire. Evil spirits live in all human beings to gain authority. God is the light of the world our only hope. God's word was given and will never pass away yesterday, today and forever. God's word is the good news to be preached in all the world, given by Moses, to be followed. The Ten Commandments. God's instructions, the holy bible, lifesaving, your only salvation to be saved. To be born again you must die from your sin. Repent from temptation, your redemption is in God's hands. His love to all human beings is unconditional forever. God sent his only begotten son born of a virgin called Mary. The good news is to all humanity savior and believer: he took responsibility for our sin now and in the future. He came here as a teacher. The knowledge of outer limitation. He gave us the church universal to put us back on a heavenly course. He paid full price for our sins at Calvary. Betrayed by a disciple, Judas, for no fault or reason he was crucified by Pontus Pilate, died and was buried. After three days risen from the grave, he sits at the right hand side of God in Heaven. His glory is on your behalf. He died just for you. God have mercy, the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.