Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Human Body: God Architect Designer

Awesome is the human design God created for this earth in his image the human body. The word made flesh in which we find that beauty which is God. Your body was formed and designed by God. Your body is made up of seventy percent water. You attain about five quarts of living blood. All life is in the living blood, the most precious fluid you have. Your body contains two hundred six bones. Memory is stored in the eardrum. Sense of smell develops first. Our body, unique in every way, consists of over one billion parts and organisms designed by God to operate on it's own fuel such as earthly food and water. All life is given a free will and a soul supplied by God, your father creator of the universe. God created man, Adam, then Eve was formed out of Adam's rib so Adam could have companionship and to reproduce life. God's gift of life. Also a free will and living soul. Gods will was broken in the garden of Eden by Adam and Eve not to eat of the forbidden fruit. Satan a fallen angel against God's will, told them no consequence would occur. Sin was introduced from that day to this. You apply your free will for your personal pleasure, against God's will. Your performance of this earth is being registered and you are accountable for your life's behavior. Satan is alive and well to this day offers you your desires you don't want to pay for. It's Gods word all must live by. Patience says you can wait. Satan holds desires in front of you. Walk away. Conscience and consequences come with lust and gratification. All life is designed by God for God for God's purpose. In giving birth God in included in all life's form. All life is given a free will and a living soul. To be born alive is for you to live by or to die by. God wants you pure at heart. Your body was made holy and sacred in God's eyes. It is you who are accountable and responsible. You hold the keys to your free will body and soul. Your body made for each other only to be offered in holy matrimony in marriage and union with God. A woman's body is sacred and a symbol for giving birth. The body sanctifies the greatest gift of God for man. Marriage in God's eyes is till death do us part. Faith is also a gift from God and is acquired through prayer. Through the silence of our heart we feel the presence of God. Faith is in trusting God. You have to have faith to exercise wisdom. Only with faith activates the word of God. Faith is acting on God's word. God' word when preached you become a release of faith in the word. Faith comet by hearing and by hearing cometh the faith in the word of God. Being christian one must be born again to receive the holy spirit. Anchor your life on God's laws, the Ten Commandments. I will put them in your minds and plant them in your hearts. Promises of good, not evil. Evil plagues all people. God honors his word from prayers by faith. His presence is your salvation.