Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Heart: Guardian of the soul

The infectious heart is the Guardian of the soul. The eye creates an ego that develops the soul. we live in a realm that creates definition. We are only a vibration of sound. We live with a spiritual journey through life. Through our free will given by God the Father, a Holy Spirit lives within our being. A matter of attitude brings out the action we pursue. The gift of love given by the Father combine our souls with companionship. Faith with hope bring desires from the heart. To look beyond one sense brings harmony peace, and joy to the soul. Faith is a living force embedded in the heart. Your divine nature of love is God's gift to you. The eyes of faith invisible, silent like the wind, evidence of things not seen lives through our future. Faith cometh by hearing not by sight. Faith cometh to a receiving heart. Your life consists of two spirits all live with. The Holy Spirit lives within our body and soul. To guide from temptation. All are given a free will to live by. God's will has broken with temptation of sin in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve, first born, enticed by a serpent, a fallen angel from Heaven, Lucifer by name reigns to this day. Against God's will not to eat of a certain fruit of the tree of knowledge. Convinced nothing would happen, temptation from sin was committed. Against the Will of God sin thrives through temptation all are guilty of. Only by God's grace we live. God gives us grace to receive his mercy. Faith is the only salvation of hope. Fear draws away from God. Prayers are our greatest assets given by God and our only contact with our living Father. God sent his only begotten Son who was crucified, died in our place for our sin. Jesus said “forgive them, they know not what they do”. To believe Jesus died for you and was resurrected after three days and sits at the right had of the Father will have everlasting life. All are responsible for life's being, God gave all wisdom with knowledge to live by. All live with two will, your free will and God's will to follow. Instructions from God are the Ten Commandments given to all to live with. Judgment from rewards and iniguities you bring to the surface. All are accountable and will be paid in full. Ye bear the fruit whatever ye sow ye shall also reap form life's beginning to end, like a vapor, the soul leaves the body. Facing a bright light at the end of the tunnel you're guided in a different dimension. All life is in God's hands. May God have mercy on all living souls. Golry be to God in the highest. Praise be to his most Holy name.