Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Gospel

We are a soul and spirit that transforms itself into a human body and everything is unfolded to experiences. It is a pure joy. Ego is not influenced by innerself. To know yourself is to know your innerself. To witness in silence and not judge and get in touch with reality is to experience your future ability. The body and mind is within you. Meditation and silence, good or bad, create not judgement, but insperation. What can be imagined can be reality. Deep thought is fulfillment of your dreams. Witness the choice brings out the subconscious mind. Ask yourself, is this the right choice. The heart is wise and many week the consequences. Ask the body if it is right. Memory desire is karma, generated to your choice. Evey memory is a thought or desire. Jesus taught us, "give us this day our daily bread". People just dont ask, Many people ask not and reveive not. God answers prayer. The key to Heaven is through prayer. To eat of God's food, anyone who does no work shall not eat. To follow after vain shall have poverty. to have not because you ask not. There is a performance that must be acted upon. To where little is not enough, then plenty you will not be satisfied. Without Jesus, Heaven's bread means nothing to your life. Going to bed, hold a piece of bread in your heart then you will have Jesus when you awake. An unforgiving spirit holds back the power in your life. Right thinking opens the door to succes. wrong thinking brings destruction, faith, patience and love is the key to well being. Karma is a choice maker. You have an affinity which brings joy and forms an energy which brings success and happiness to yourself. Helping others brings feelings beyond anything you can imagine. To create events brings everything to account, comfort and discomfort. Disgust comes form the body of innerself. On the road to success brings on cancer and many diseases. Success is a journey, not a distination, dont be concerned about the evil doer. They will be cut down in time. The meed shall inherit the earth. Hatred - revenge - hurt brings you nothing in live. God will bless you more with the things that's happening to you more than two-fold.

Prayer is in a time prophecy. Feel good about a time level. Know who you are not. Do what you're anointed to do. Friends what you to do what they're doing. If you're able, do something righteous that's great. Be not embarrassed by what you say regardless. Give a little bit. Give what you can give. Being spiritual are not controlled by a spirit and not by judging others. Be careful of what you say and do. People look good on the outside, but stingy on the inside. It's not why you're doing something, but when you do it. God whats His people well rounded. The devil is the angel of life. There is a devil and he is your adversary. If you haven't met the devil you might be going in the same direction. You ask God for forgiveness for the same things thousands of times and He forgives. To not learn the whole prayer you keep asking, rely on the most sovereign protection form evil. Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ is your rescuer. God will deliver us through spiritual dimension, spirit - body - and soul. Holy comes through the spirit. Your personality, your will is your soul. Emotions make your conscience become the temple of God. Thoughts - get your life together and let the light shine in you through you. Amen

Every thing you do in secret, every memorable deed, will be brought to the surface. Fear not, God is always with you in your troubles. Love and giving is the second law to success. Giving and receiving. To stop the flow causes strangulation death to the human body. Wealth is a form of energy. Giving becomes, in itself, gratification on whomever you encounter in life. Caring, attention, affection is touchin in a loving way. Touching is releasing, a symbol. The wisdom of God is doing and doing right. God's ways are ways of victory. All things are added to your lifew. The spirit of life is in the way of life to others. Scripture renews instruction, the way of the Lord. Thoes who seek the Lord, seek not what is God's will, good works and all will be completed. Amen Alleluja.