Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


The Gospel of Judas

Judas Tscariot, one of Jesus' disciples, served as treasure in charge of the disciple's funds, often dipped in fro his own use. The Dead scrolls found recently, fragments reassembled describe the life and the end of the life of Judas. Judas was a thief who befriended Jesus. At the Last Supper Jesus knew of his paranoia, suspicious with irrational behavior. Jesus devotional, divine in nature, supreme in being, son of our Heavenly Father. Teacher of all righteousness and the holy will of the Father. Jesus knew Judas would befriend him for greed. He was paid thirty pieces of silver shekels. Condemned by King Harod for preaching prophecy, the sovereign words of God. The higher power over the King's rule that holds bondage over his people. The power of prayer over and above the Kings authority. Jesus was given over to Pontius Pilate for crucifixion: Pilate found no fault or reason in this man Jesus of any guilt. In his conviction, Plate ordered a release of prisoner, a thief Barabbas by name. Exchange for Jesus to satisfy the masses. The arousal of the crowds crucify him, crucify him. On the cross Jesus cried out "Aba, Aba, why have you forsaken me?" Jesus' last words. "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do". Jesus died for our sins and the sins of all humanity, all are guilty of sin and greed which to this day run rampant. Judas died by his own hand. The thirty pieces of silver paid for his burial plot in Potters field. Trust or truth lives in no living being. All carry the same traits as Judas. Denial, ignorance of the fact. Paganism is on the rebound. Betrayal, greed, conspiracy, corruption, defiance against the will of God. Liar to all righteousness. All have fallen from God's grace yet we beg for mercy. Everything good is being destroyed. All happenings are our own doing. The darkness of evil rules to this day. Searching for restitution and serenity we live with fear. The end times are near. God's warnings ignored. The will of God not listened to. Everything holy eliminated from our society. Mother Nature's revenge. Cleanse to purify and restore the words of God. The world may pass away but my words will never pass away yesterday, today, and forever. There is no distance in time. Life is but a journey we're passing through. Grace and mercy our only salvation. Silent like the wind. Gods forgiveness is greater than any sin. Praise and glory be in the Holy name of Jesus.