Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Suicidal: Extinction of Being

Awareness to the matter of fact. Feeling's of hopelessness brings on early warning signs, a cause of depression, anxiety, uneasiness, misfortune, or creates a surge towards a nervous breakdown, stress related systems of fear, delirium set in such as denial. Emotional by agitation, feelings on concern, worry, pain of suffering, guilty, contagious as of a terminal disease without cure, constrict bitterness enters the mind, conscience of the fact, still mentally awake, suicide by suggestion of extinction to life's end. Conviction, not thinking about others in suffering or eternity. Thou shalt not kill. The unpardonable sin is to not have God as your personal savior. All humanity carry the guilt of sin from the beginning of time, the Ten Commandments were given by the will of God to be followed with strict warnings. The Holy Bible is your savior of your soul, guidance a measure of life's being. To adhere to and to be preached throughout the world. Love, peace, and joy. His unconditional love. To share with others, God is merciful to our sins and glory. His forgiveness is also to forgive others, not to forgive you're not forgiven. All life is special and purpose in serving the Lord. Through prayer we ask favor in thanksgiving. Prayers are answered by our faith, hope and in forgiveness. Deception by others is our biggest enemy in the journey in our lives. Away from God depression brings on many factors of addictions of fear, pain characteristic of life's value. Anguish in life brings to extreme, pain and distress of the mind. Hope, love and happiness are God's most perfect gift. Their hope in healing in all circumstances. Through prayer in the Holy Spirit, we ask for mercy and forgiveness and to our rescue. The adversity of harm becomes our adversary, an enemy away from God. All life is sacred in the eyes of God. In God we trust. Born in His likeness. The body is the holy temple of God and to be protected by your inner spirit from the temptations of sin. Magnify your life in the words of the Lord. He will take the broken pieces of deficiency of the mind and put them back together. All life is precious and to be protected against holistic suicide of life's being. Jesus is your life savior, blessed be in His most Holy name. The greatest treasure in life is God's grace and mercy. Give praise and glory unto our Heavenly Father God. Jesus the Christ, His son in the name of the Holy Spirit.