Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Rejection is Protection: Repentance

A time table of one's existence, a free will to follow God's personal gift for all humanity. Life's instructions from beyond, contentious, severe in divine nature, given by our Father Supreme in Being, adored from Heaven God Himself intentions, knowledge with wisdom, the will of god, true words from the Holy Bible, The way, the truth, and the light. True words to live by and to be followed, explicit, absolute, clear and precise in understanding, warnings to extreme. The value of your existence. The sins of the world came to light in the beginning, from the garden of Eden. Life's existence was formed, man with a beating heart, mind, body, and soul with a free will. Made in His own image, God molded our of clay, man and woman to multiply special in God's ruling. Against the will of God, ignored from His warning. The first sin became prevalent and to this day runs rampant to no end. From the beginning of time, enticed negligence of God's warning, an angel, cast down from Heaven, broken from the will of God, disguised as a serpent, a master of disguise in many forms, advised nothing would happen eating of a certain fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Forbidden by God's warning. Words to live by, the wages of sin is death without everlasting life to come. Original sin occupies all bodies by mans free will, all are guilty. The fallen angel with his followers of many legions in the millions, demons of darkness, rule the world by deception and corruption, Lucifer, Satan, the devil by name through sin all carry this tendency of life's outcome. Through fear and denial, sin without end, perpetual, continuing forever. Time has no beginning, has no end. Time goes on forever. There is no distance in time. Yesterday, today, and forever god's words will never die. Through mans uncertainty of free will all are subject and liable for one's actions without exception. The seed of disobedience, desolate with oppression from sin, weighs heavy in the heart. Persecution from guilt, repentance from sin, God gives a way of escape. To die from sin is to be born again. All healing comes from the inside. With God's grace and mercy, faith brings back a state of sobriety of the mind. The body is the holy temple of God, made holy at birth. The Holy Spirit is alive and well, a free will with understanding, your gift of life with God's unconditional love forever. Faith and hope to succeed rejection from sin is your protection, lifesaving through prayer, believers, followers in Christ Jesus. In thanksgiving, with tears of joy, giving all praise and glory to our Heavenly Father, God, Lord, Jesus the Christ, His Son. Blessed be in His most gracious name, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.