Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Reincarnation: Sense of Destiny

Reincarnation is rebirth of the soul. Life everlasting is the essence of being. First word's spoken by God. Wisdom and knowledge. The body of truth with trust in health and bonding the body together. The will of God are the main principles of life's form, instructions to be followed and obeyed. The Ten Commandments, the Holy Bible, the Holy Will of God. God's words are infinite, indefinite, forever. God is the creator of all the universe and of every living thing and human being born of man. In the beginning first born Adam and Eve formed by the hand of God. Molded in His image. God, Himself, the power of deception originated in the Garden of Eden. God's instruction, plus warning ignored not to eat of a certain fruit from the Tree of Know ledge. Lucifer, an angel cast out of Heaven, from God's warning, rebelled fallen from God's grace. Disguised as a serpent, fear not for then sin became prevalent, and to this day runs rampant. All humanity embraces this guilt and will be judged. God's warning carries the most severe penalty. The wages of sin is death. Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, three in one dominates this world. Satan, the devil legions in large numbers given refuge of this earth. God also created a hell that is real for evil followers of Satan. Deception, conspiracy, conscious of the fact with greed and lush occupy mankind. Satan deceiver ruler and controller of darkness. Temptation immoral practices dominate the true value of life. God sent his only begotten son born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus the Christ. He came to this earth not to save by to salvage your soul. All life is in default and need to reconcile away from sin. In your place for all sin. He was crucified by Pontus Pilate. Sin from all mankind. Jesus the Christ paid full price, suffered and died. Transgression of mans sin. Transient by God after three days in the grave. He has risen, resurrection into Heaven. He sits at the right side of the Father. Bringing to attention reincarnation, rebirth of the soul. Redemption by God, affirmative existence in reincarnation. Without remorse, spiritual dead ghostly figures disembodied souls roam this earth, restlessly victims of circumstances not knowing to cross to the other side. Divine to God, the spirit revolving to a different level of dimension. Official identity recognition, a state of being what connects to the heart is the soul. Reincarnation is real as of a body born: rebirth of the soul. God's saving of the soul repent from sin. The way of escape, to die from sin, is to be born again in the Holy Spirit. Salvation is God's treasure to you to be saved in reincarnation life everlasting. Giving God all the praise and glory in Thanksgiving in the Holy Trinity, our Heavenly Father, his Son in the Holy Spirit.