Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Reflection of Being: Without Recourse

Reflection is things to come or take advantage of. Recourse becomes a source of aid such as faith from feeling uncertainty. Emotional reaction is a reflection of fear. Time becomes an essence of being. In His likeness, born in His image, man is the reflection of our Heavenly Father, God Himself. The creation of man became prevalent throughout the universe. All life born of god, each different in color and nature. A culture form, intellectual in artistic value to serve God's purpose in all stages of civilization. Special attention given to man. A free will, holy at birth, authority over every living fowl, animals, bird's of the sky, and all the fish of the sea. To protect and praise and serve a purpose. Only certain good is to be eaten with warnings of God's will. God's will is not to be followed words of wisdom and knowledge not to be ignored. Extreme penalties, thy will be done, justification of righteousness. From the beginning what Adam and Eve failed to do, Forbidden by God's warnings not to eat of a certain fruit from the Tree of knowledge was ignored and the first sin became prevalent to this day, runs rampant. Without recourse enticed by a fallen angel, Lucifer by name, cast down from Heaven against god's will. All humanity carries this guilt from sin. Temptation rules the mind of man. Deception in many forms determines an advocate away from God, the way, truth, trust, and the light. Lean not on your own understanding, the greatest enemy is your privacy, doing it your way. It's your free will that separates ones self. The blue print for eternity is the road map to life. Love, peace, hope, and happiness in the Holy Spirit. The reflection of God's purpose is to serve and glorify in thanksgiving, our lives with great anticipation. A free will without design, true morals of choice, Holy in Spirit, prayer in guidance, Grace and mercy is God's reflection of everlasting love for all living souls. You are the reflection of your: decisions made today resonate tomorrow Giving God all the praise and glory. In the name of the Father, His Son, Jesus the Christ, in the Holy Spirit