Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Pride: A State of Being

Pride is an equal force divided in two parts and flaming desire to accomplish, a design of achievement, a moment of glory. Pride also becomes prevalent with greed ignites a measure of selfishness, self centered to ones self. A moment in time. Pride opens the door to greed with great anticipation. Idolized in glorification with self esteem. Away from spiritual value, pride becomes a downfall. Everything right to you is the wrong way. You are the gate keeper. The mind of thought and thinking, to empower a goal. Pride is a derivative of good or evil, a source characteristic to ones endeavor of desire. Pride also becomes a down fall without truth or trust in God becomes destructive. Pride is used to disobey; disobedience is a fear, a cause for fault or blame. Pride is argumentative, inclined to argue. With pride ones becomes a deceiver, liar, putting one's self first, above God's ruling. Pride is without a truth or trust in the will of God. Your free will through God's warning was ignored and to this day, self pride controls the mind conscious of the fact. Deception and fear leads one away from God. Me first, then God. God's will was broken from the beginnings. The creation of all the universe and every living being. Born in the Holy Spirit, life came into existence. God's will above all was to be listened to and to be followed. Strict warning was given and to obey. Extreme measures were ignored and the first sin became prevalent. All humanity adheres to guilt from original sin. Temptation even with God's warning, disobedience not to eat of a certain forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. A fallen angel, Lucifer, plus his many followers of Heavens design, were cast down from Heavens realm. Disobedience against God the Father. Disguised as a serpent, deceiver of God's will, enticed by Lucifer not to fear. The wages of sin lives in every living being. Without repentance, faces death without everlasting life. Deception overrules the Ten Commandments, the will of God to be followed. Pride is being proud of one's self or becomes an enemy, a sign of pretense, of insincere effort of deception. Only by God's grace is to live with His mercy, a blessing from above, giving God all the praise and glory in the Holy Trinity, our Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus the Christ, in the Holy Spirit.