Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Passing Through: Spiritual Karma

Creation of all the universe and all living forms of beings came to life at the beginning of time. God, our Heavenly Father the Giver of life. Mankind born in the image of God, life and sound came alive in a burst of explosive manner of existence. Sound serves the purpose of survival. Without sound life would be meaningless to exist. Sound is a source of nature and the sensation of beauty, peace and joy. Sound is a learning understanding force in knowledge and wisdom. Sound is the creation of all life's source. Sound becomes a memory storage place in the mind. Sound is holistic and a powerful healing force of energy in therapy. Without sound there is no life in the body. Sound is a vibration frequency of energy to calm the news relaxing the soul. Sound is the living source to power. Prayer is our only contact through the Holy Spirit, our heavenly Father. Jesus the Christ. Sound is our only function in success or failure. Sound is the center of our heartbeat. Sound is the substance in guidance. Behavior and harmony. Sound is also destructive, life and death combined with thought and thinking. Sound is the crown center with spiritual wisdom. With sound waves silence is golden, refreshing the mind and soul. Sound is a cause for pain, suffering attitude behavior and mind control. Nature forms of sound are relaxing like the falling raid. Meditation is silence without sound. A realm of beauty. All life is but a vapor like the wind invisible to the eye not the be seen but felt. We're just passing through. Sound waves form the music that soothes the soul. Sound also disrupts the mind with its energy force. Sound becomes a healing or crippling destructive force to disable, impare, destroy life and they vision of humanity. All sound is a mastery of unknown sources. Through sound develops the movement of time. Time is the essence of life's being. Life is but a journey passing through. Eternal life is the reward given to thoes who follow and believer the truth in His word, the Bible. The Ten Commandments are to be honored and are final. Your harvest from life are you rewards from blessings revived. Death as in life our spirit twines in the Lord, Jesus the Christ. His grace and mercy are shown and given to all with his personal love. The living word of god will never die, yesterday, today, and forever. Praise and glory be to the Lord God, Jesus the Christ, our Heavenly Father.