Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Obsession: Occupied Desire

God, the oxygen of all the Universe, every living thing is the breath of life. Time and life from its beginning has no end and is too eternity. Time and matter catches up with every living being all nature and humanity are here for a reason, formed in many cultures and colors from life's beginning.

The forbidden fruit was eaten and the warning by god was broken by Adam and Eve, God's first born. Against god's will, ignorance of god's warning sin was born and every living being carry this guilt. A fallen angel, cast out of heaven disguised as a serpent, obsession with evil of sin occupies all humanity through desire or choice and to this day is prevalent to all humanity.

Evil is the ruler of darkness. All human life born of god are given a free will. Obsession is the ruler of the mind and desire.

In the beginning, life was formed ny the hand of God. Human in being, a mind of body and soul, with a beating hear, nature of all things added for life existence and survival. Awareness in the beginning warnings from right and wrong.

Life is a priceless gift from out heavenly Father. Love and hope never to leave or forsaken you. Now and Forever...

obedience to God's commandments are to be followed by one's free will. Salvation and everlasting life is of one's choice. The mind is the benefactor to the soul. Be it in god's favor giving all the promise and glory.

God's love within each and every one is to pass on to others along they way.