Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Miracle: Answered Prayer

Thursday July 25in a small town of Somerset, Pennsylvania, disaster struck in a coal mine. By mistake miners drilled into a flooded abandoned mine. Warning sounded to escape the mine. All got out but nine miners. They were trapped 240ft down in one of these mine shafts. Millions of gallons of water flooded the mine. Help was alerted immediately above. Pumps were installed to pump out this water. These pumps pumped one million gallons in hour from the flooded mine. These nine miners fled into a higher part of the flooded mine. They found solitude in a small room around eighteen by eighteen about five feet high, with about 4' of water. They huddled together in this freezing water, together and prayer is all they had. They only food they shared was a lunch box that floated by with a pepsi and a cornbeef sandwich. The only light in this dark place was from there helmets. The cry for help thru prayed played a big part in their rescue. Millions of people hearing of this disaster joined in praying for there survival. Divine intercession contributed to their survival. A higher power intervened and guided the workers in this rescue. The time before there rescue was about seventy-seven hours. What's scary about this rescue they workers above the flooded mine pinpointed the exact spot on a small farm to dig to reach these miners. The first dig was too supply air and heat to breathe. Tapping sound was heard by those above were the right place. This 6" hole drilled was in place for the rescue. A 36" boring rig was set in place to bore a hole fro the rescue. About 140 feet the 1,500lb bit broke which was a blessing. Trying to retrieve this bit, time running a another rig with a 26" bore was setup in place. If the first bit went forward it would be disaster for the miners. It would flood where they were and they would never have survived. Thank God the divine hand of God was at work. The second hole was the lifesaver. Time lost was life saved. Amen Alleluia, water lvl was lowered by the one million gallon per hour being pumped out. This was a blessing needed for the rescue. The second hole broke through at the 240' depth. Seventy-seven hours passed around three days prayers were answered. Resurrection rescue was under way, praise the Lord. Nine miners- Nine lives saved by the Grace of God. Prayers heard prayers answered that's a miracle.