Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Memory: A Revelation in Learning and Hearing

All living being's born are created by God the father of the entire universe. All are given a mind body and soul to attribute to God's purpose. Memory is the essence of time. Memory is God's gift with a freewill to be used in life's journey. Every moment of your life becomes a memory. From the past all knowledge becomes a memory. Good memories bring happiness to the heart. Memory is remembrance storage with a capacity of thing's seen and unseen. Memory is an equation to determination of desire. Memory consists of God's will given to achieve God's purpose for your life. You choose your purpose with your freewill. Through God is to know the truth in his word, awarded in the Holy Bible. Memory is knowledge learned. God gave the universe the Ten Commandments, guidelines to follow. From the beginning of time through the first born Adam and Eve, evil was introduced against the word of God. Memory is in God's hand. Your life's worth determines your judgment. A picture is a memory frozen in time. Your actions in life become memories. Remember God gave you life; you make it a memory to your family and friends. The end is never so far as from the beginning. Memory and time are the essence in all life. All life is given six senses to live by. Faith in who you follow becomes memories you live with. God gave you purpose, you make it happen. Good or evil is the success one brings upon oneself. Through God comes the power of intention, which is stored, and memory of good and evil embedded in the mind. Life is a passing memory obsessed by greed or desire. Memory is karma generated to your choice. Your memory determines your destiny. Memory and truth is the beauty of life lived. Glory be to god in the highest. May your memories become your blessings.