Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Life's Harvest: The Very Soul

Infinite are the laws of God, words to live by, to be followed. The Ten Commandments, The Holy Bible, the Will of God. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, saith the Lord, yesterday, today, and forever. Supreme in being, highest in authority, creator of all the universe and living being. Given to all humanity a free will to succeed in life. Authority with special attention not to avoid the will of God. From the beginning of time, God's warning was ignored, not to eat of a certain fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve first born were enticed by a fallen angel cast down from Heaven, Lucifer by name, disguised in different form as a serpent, nothing would happen. God's will was broken and the first sin was born and to this day runs rampant, prevalent, wide spread throughout the world. Severe in warning form the will of God, the wages of sin is death. All humanity carries this guilt. Only by repentance is to be saved. God gives all a way of escape. Evil occupies the mind through lust, greed deception, fear, corruption of every kind. Lucifer, also named Satan the devil, is the controller of darkness. Fallen from God's grace. Legions in the millions, demons rule the minds of mankind. God made a Hell which is real, made eternal for the followers of Satan. The Devil holds the keys to humanities demise. You choose your destiny, what is in the mind, lives in the heart, dies with the soul. God's grace and mercy is salvation through forgiveness with unconditional love to all humanity. Forgive thoes as I have forgiven you. Not to forgive, you are not forgiven. Being humble in the eyes of god is in giving back something greater then you have. Whatever you do for the least, you do for me. The journey of life determines the harvest. The heart is the guardian of the soul the compass to eternity. Life's harvest the very soul. Blessed be thoes who come in the will of God. Life is like a vapor, a journey all are passing through. It's not what you get out of life but what you leave. Hallowed by thy name, Jesus the Christ, eternal forever. Giving God all the praise and glory in the Holy Trinity. God our Heavenly Father, His only begotten son, in the Holy Spirit.