Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Jesus The Christ: Immaculate Conception

The Son of God Supreme in all his being the birth of the Messiah. Alive before being born Son of God. Gabriel the Arc Angel sent from God Almighty Creator of the entire universe to acknowledge through the Virgin Mary in a dream for the conception of the Son of God to be born in his image. Through Mary and Joseph the virgin birth to be mother and father to the greatest gift of all mankind, the birth of the Son of God Jesus the Christ. God in his wisdom purposely arranged the circumstances of Our Savior's birth this way. God's greatest gift of life and salvation for all human beings. The Son of God was born in humble stable in Bethlehem an Ancient town in Palestine. Of all the gifts at Christmas, this Affinmation of god is most precious. God's gift to all humanity. The nativity birth of Jesus Our Heavenly Father sent his only begotten Son to show his love to bring peace and joy to the world. Jesus came to bring the good news to all to live and learn to teach the gospel for everlasting life. Jesus is the only Savior of all human life form. I am the way the truth and the life. To all who believe, follow and ad here to the Ten Commandments given to Moses, the laws of God will be saved, The Bible is the Millennium of Prophecy, the harvest it's the world. God saves his people with Reverence, God is your Savior and Deliver. God's word is truth and it is stright. The love of God, the truth is to save the soul. To deny him is not to profit, eternal life is forever. The reward God gives, it's faithful saying you can believe in. God saves his people through the tribulation. Its no secret the Second Comming, God is comming like a thief in the night. Brace yourself before the tribulation comes, when God says get ready be ready. Thoes in Christ you're saved by grace, by faith. You know not the hour or time, goodness and mercy follows Jesus Christ. Grace is Heaven's signature; grace is the favor of God. Jesus came to Earth for you to experience God's grace and the bread of life for all living being. Christianity is about Jesus the Christ. The birth of the Son of God, the live birth of Jesus is the most important happening of this universe, king of kings, lord of lords. He was not the Son of God when he was born; he received his flesh from the Virgin Mary in the likness of man. After the flesh of God was manifested in the Holy Spirit. Anointed the Son of God. His mission to bring the good news how to live victoriously and to follow in the will of God. He came to teach and to deliver us from evil, and to condemn sin and temptation and to repent, Jesus paid the full price for all of our sins. He was crucified, dying in our place at Calvary, nailed to a cross. After three days in the grave the miracle of all time, the resurrection of Jesus the Christ has risen to the Divine Kindom of God of God in heaven and sits at the right hand of his Father. As you live ye shall also die with on without Jesus the Christ. you choose your life's beginning and end. if you open your heart i will come untoyou and show you the way, praise be to the Lord Jesus the Christ, Amen Alleluia