Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Inheritance: Joy -- Salvation -- Fear and Pain

Mindful of joy, every thing in life is of uncertainty, not determined or sure of. Opposite of joy, conscious of fact of mind, pain becomes the matter of contention, infection without end. Joy and pain are contagious, spread by contact, and disease in many forms of punishment or penalty, suffering of body and mind. Joy is a source of feelings and happiness. Joy in life is in the birth of life. The gift given by our Heavenly Father, God Himself. The creation of all mankind and every living thing. All living things have its own purpose of survival for everlasting life to come. In the beginning, man and woman were crafted by God, a body energized by a mind, heart, and soul. A free will to serve a purpose, a servant to God with instruction to follow. The Holy Bible, the Ten Commandments. Born in the Holy Spirit, your body is of God. A temple to avoid temptation which was broken in the Garden of Eden. The first sin was committed against the will of God with severe warning not to eat of a certain fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Deceived by a fallen angel, cast down from Heaven, disguised as a serpent. Deceived nothing would happen, sin was borne and the pain will follow contagious in many forms. Suffering, all carry this guilt from sin. Fear, deception, conspiracy, greed occupies the mind of man. The wages of sin is death, yet to this day runs rampant. Disobedience opens the door to your destiny. All sin will be paid for at judgment day. The ruler of darkness, Lucifer, the fallen angel, also given the name Satan, the Devil. His many followers demonic legions in the millions rule the minds of mankind. The fear of this lord is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge, righteous to the will of God. You choose your eternity. God's will on yours with the message of warning comes the answer of deliverance, who's living inside you. What's in the mind lives in the heart and dies with the soul. Only through repentance is to cleanse the heart for salvation. Temptation is an invitation, the expectation of the unknown. Fear of deception, sin, desire, destruction of your free will. Forgiveness is Gods will. Forgive those as I have forgiven you saith the Lord. Not to forgive, you are not forgiven. Unconditional love is Gods gift to mankind, thoes righteous to His will and giving back in thanksgiving all glory in divine goodness. Praise be unto the Lord, our Heavenly Father, Jesus the Christ, His Son in the Holy Spirit