Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Infectious Blood

Praise God every chance you get. Faith in blood of Jesus the Christ places a great value in all life. The Bible form beginning to end is a blood book. The Bible is alive. Everything in life you carry to the altar. You as a Christian you're supposed to have faith in the blood of Jesus the Christ, for the life of the flesh is in the blood of Jesus. You attain about five quarts of living blood. All life is in the living blood. It is the most precious fluid you have. Every twenty three seconds your blood is circulated and cleanses your body. God set up a purifying system in your body. It's you who destroy it. The blood of Jesus the Christ that keeps you well, it's you who changed it. Your blood is by faith God gave you. In the beginning God created man from dust without movement. He breathed into him the blood of life and man became a living soul. Adam first born and man was created. God took a rib of Adam and woman was given birth. The mystery of God is the miracle of life. God the father of all the universe is father of all beings. Satan, Lucifer a fallen angel of God is alive and well and is here to deceive and try to take life away. Satan entered the lives of Adam and Eve disguised as a serpent and seek ye shall not surely die eating of the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve rebelled against God and with sin came death. From that day to this Adam and Eve made the blood Jesus infected in which we also carry to this day. We are descendants of Adam and Eve. Only through Jesus the Christ carries the blood to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Many to this day fall away from God's will and let sickness and disease plus sin to enter the body to destroy the life and soul. The gift of life God also gives you he breathed your first breath. All life is a gift from God. God also gives you a free will. Being born becomes the newness of life. God gives all the meeting of our daily needs to given thanks for our life. The things of the world are grasped by our greediness. Everyday is to have Jesus the Christ in our lives. Jesus is present in all our circumstances. God allows you your free will. We want everything that is good and pure for our impure body. All are sinners and hide from bad behavior. All carry burdens laden down from sin. We open the door to all sickness and disease and blame God and others. With pleasure comes consequences. All live with infectious blood. Sin was introduced by Adam and Eve and from that day till this we choose death or eternity. Let not temptation lead you away from God your father. Only by God's grave we live. To follow Jesus the Christ is to live and believe in his word which is given to all. To live in God is to reign with him in his kingdom forever.