Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Ignorance: A Matter of Fact

The human body is the temple of God, created in God's own image. Architect of all the universe and all living beings. Human in form, birds of the sky, animals of the land and fish of the sea all come alive at creation. The greatest gift, life itself. All life is for a purpose. God's purpose for your life is to multiply in thanksgiving and to serve our Heavenly Father. God's special gift is His love and to be shared. All are given a free will to use wisely. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are granted from above. Time is the essence in beings. As you were born you will fade away in time. Death is nature's way of escape. All life is monitored form birth to death. All life lives with temptation form sin. In the beginning God formed, our of clay, the birth of Adam plus Eve, a companion for love and understanding. With life God gave instructions, warnings not to eat of a certain fruit from the tree of knowledge. Deceived by a serpent snake, Lucifer by name, a fallen angel thrown from Heaven by God the Father. Eve ignored God's warnings; sin came alive and runs rampant to this day. The spirit of God lives in all living beings for everlasting life. Born out of sin, all carry an evil spirit used at will. Temptation with sin lives in all human life. God sent his only begotten son to save all from damnation. Crucified by Pontus Pilate, Jesus the Christ died for our sis and all sin to come. After three days have rose from the grave and sits at the right hand side of the Father in heaven. For our protection, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Instructions from God to live with. To this day, ignorance controls the mind. The laws of God are ignored by sin. The wages for sin is death. Repentance is the only salvation. All sin will surface at Judgment. All life lives with ignorance, not paying attention. To be ignorant is lack of knowledge. To ignore is unaware of what's happening. Ignorance becomes a destructive force to conquer control the mind. Ignorance unleashes evil to rule, to seize, dominate world power. Ignorance control's the mind, body, and soul. All are guilty. The matter of fact is ignored, knowledge, wisdom, understanding truth and trust. The words of God will be listened to if not now, later. The world today is being destroyed within. There is a reason for everything that happens. Ignorance plays a big part. What God put together let no man taketh away. Only by the grace of god you live his mercy is your life to come. Glorify and praise the Lord God, Jesus the Christ, our Heavenly Father.