Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Heaven's Gate: From Here to Eternity

All humanity are assigned a guardian angel at birth. Each and everyone's angel is heaven's gatekeeper of all soul! What occupies the mind, lives in the heart, dies with the soul; only by the hand of Gods saving of the soul brings salvation. Everlasting life to come. All passing through where the soul leave the body reaching to the other side. The gift of salvation. Savior of the soul our heavenly Father, Jesus the Christ. Only by his grace and mercy we're saved. Thanks be to God.

Fear is the main factor in life's destiny. You choose your eternity. Temptation is an open door to sin. Fear is an open door to the shadow of darkness. Pain and sarrow comes with sickness-disease caused by many factors. Self-inflicted, temptation of sin. Life's harvest is through prayer, hope in healing our only contact with our father Jesus the Christ.


Lies within the soul. All life lives with the rituals of sin from the beginning of time. All carries this guilt. God's response for one's salvation becomes the nature of one's being. Forgiveness comes from God. Forgiveness and repentance. Forgive thoes as I have forgiven you. Not to forgive, you are not forgiven. Seventy times sever. Repentance from sinful nature or reap the consequences with severe warning, saith the Lord. Give all the praise and glory for His grace and mercy. In the name of God the Father, His son in the Holy Spirit. Jesus the Christ, Forgiveness- life's greatest treasure eternal life, Redemption, Salvation, saving of the soul.