Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza



Time doesnít always heal but forgiveness does. Pray for the person for forgiving. Slow to anger and quick to forgive and you will have friends as long as you live. Make a senseless act into a random act of kindness. They day may come when you need a friend -- the someone who cared for your first Ė Jesus. Friendship is just a word. Itís people who make it big. Forgiveness is a force. Itís a centerpiece of faith, but forgiveness is rare. Forgiveness does not come easy. The bottom line is to strive to love others. To hate is to hate oneís self. When the hate is gone you have to deal with the pain. You love a lot of time hating people. Try to get along Ė try to work it out. To make your enemy your friend, you have no enemy. Itís easy to accuse and hard to forgive. Never bring revenge. Respond in forgiveness. To forgive is seventy times seven sayeth the Lord. Those not to hear donít want to hear. Weíre to demonstrate the body of Christ. God is never silent in your hurts and disappointments. The more Jesus the Christ thatís in you reflects through you to others. God honors disappointments with blessings. Disappointment is the window to your character. You are tested in your actions. God never takes his eyes off the righteous. Amen.