Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Final Touch: Diversity of Life

Creator of all the universe and maker of all thing's all life's form was created by the had of god. Man was created by God our Father from clay into human form in the image of God. God gave breath for man to come alive. First of human life's source, man was named and to be called Adam. God too a rob from Adam's side and created a mate and woman came to life and to be named Eve, both were given a free will to live by. God created man for woman to reproduce and bring other life into the world. The Garden of Eden was life's beginning. God gave man to have authority and to rule over all the animals, bird's of the sky, fish of the sea and other life forms. All life is unique in every way and has a purpose to exist regardless of condition. Through the world of God what's given unto all is to be shared with others. All have a free will born to life. With God's will come instructions to live by and share with others his love, his word forever lasting life. Warnings also were to be observed with life. Sin came into existence in the Garden of Eden. God's warning not to eat certain fruit of the tree of knowledge. Against God's will sin came along. With sin brings evil forces in many forms. A serpent of evil stated nothing would happen eating of this certain fruit. From that day to this sin flourishes against the will of God. Temptation and sin rules the world. All living beings born of God have a free will to live or die by, all have opportunity to choose your destiny in life. Consequences from sin committed carries a penalty to be paid for. Signs and warnings from god's word are given to all through scripture of the bible is your only survival. To not heed god's warning, death is price and will not inherit eternal life. Spiritual values are you only survival. Who so ever resist God's will, be afraid for he who does evil. Act upon the word of God. Be protected by God. Unbelief destroys sense of worth. To not believe in the devil, he controls you. God is witness to your faults. Except a man be born again, he will not enter the Kingdom of God. Invisible like the wind the Holy Spirit is given to all born of god. All bare the same spirit in the image of the Father Jesus the Christ. No man ascend up to heaven but he that cometh down from Heaven. If your faith is vain you have fallen asleep and will be made whole after death. Through prayer you expose yourself with relationship to the Father. God's gift to you is his love, peace and joy. Entrusted gifts unto you, the work of the Holy Spirit is what we can't do for ourselves. Patience also endures hardships. All life was purchased and paid for by God the Father. Your worth is in life left, only in Gods will is your peace, life is made of value, when its worth something, its of such worth of they presence. Only after death your most valuable gift was your life and what you shared in the will of God. God's will is your peace. Peace is the bond of charity.