Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza



To conquer life is to have faith and trust in Jesus the Christ. The more you grow into a more intense relationship with Jesus is to grow into his likeness and love. Everything you need is for today. The rest is waiting for you. Let him fill you with His glory. God gives you provision. The Bible is the living water. The Bible is a life changing book. The Bible is having faith in the living God and might God. Faith is a force, it is an energy. Faith gives you access to grace. Everything you receive is from the righteousness of faith. A lack of faith destroys the soul. Without faith it is impossible to please God. You lack faith when you look at yourself the way God sees you. You have to have Jesus within you before he can do something for you. Have faith in God, he never disappoints you. Lack of faith is looking for something other than the solutions. Faith without works is dead. Without faith is an illusion. The most important thing in your life is faith, once you become a christian. Faith is more important than love in the kingdom of God. Faith comes before love. Without faith there is no love. Love is the most innovative way of showing faith. You have to love by faith. Faith does work by intercession. Faith comes first in order to give of yourself. You have to plant the seed to reap the harvest. Everything is activated by faith. You have to have faith to exercise wisdom. Faith activates the word. Faith is acting on God's word. God's word, when preached, becomes a release of faith in the world. Faith cometh by hearing and by hearing cometh the faith in the word of God. When you're born again you are automatically filled with the Holy Spirit. God only honors his word from prayers by faith. To contact God is by faith. You have to believe your need is met to have faith. Faith is a substance not seen, but hoped for. God produces results through faith, the things hoped for. Look not at the things that are terperal, but things that are eternal. Faith does not say you are sick. Look not at the things that are not seen such as sickness. Look to the spirit of God for help not seen thru the eyes of faith. My God shall supply all needs according to His glory and riches. Without the word you have no faith. God lives in the spirit world. You have to walk on God's terms by faith. Look not at the things seen, allowing you to tell you what to do. Believe through Jesus' strife you are healed. The word of God is the evidence not seen. God's word is not a mystery. Don't look to other to guide you. Look to Jesus the Christ to accept you.