Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Facing Reality: Time Period

Time period from the beginning has not end. God is the Father of all the universe, all of the living creatures. All living things have a purpose of being. Vegetation controls every life's expectation, birds of the sky, fish of the sea, oceans, mountains and forests, lush with greenery. The garden of Eden was formed by god for mankind to come alive. The finger of God formed man, Adam, out of clay and gave the first breath of life. A mate was needed for Adam. A rib was taken from Adam's side and Eve came alive. Instructions were given by God to live by. “Do not eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of knowledge.” Against God's will and God's warning was ignored by Adam and Eve. Lucifer, a fallen angel cast out of Heaven, disguised as a serpent, tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God's warning. The first sin was committed. All humanity carry this guilt. Now and forever man faces pain, suffering and fear of conviction. There are three words that can divide the mind, criticize, complain and condemn. The pen is mightier than the sword, and the tongue is your most worst enemy. Desire divide what's in the mind, lives in the heart, dies with the soul. You choose your own destination. Facing reality is a transition to eternity. Sin is a separation form God only by repentance and forgiveness without this we stay the same. Straight is the way... narrow is the gate. Give all praise and glory to God.