Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Excuse: Diversity of Life

From the beginning of time from Adam and Eve sin was introduced. With excuse in human form sin came alive. God created man in his own image, god warned about good from evil. God warned not to eat of a certain fruit from the tree of knowledge. From that day to this evil rules. Satan a fallen angel cast out of heaven against God's will advised it was a right and sin was born. All are descendants of Adam and Eve are born of sin and fall short of glory of God. All born created by God was given the Holy Spirit, every human beings live with two spirits. Through sin an evil spirit also live within all human beings. With excuse from sin we use each spirit at will. All human beings use excuse and sin as a tool to get by with. Sin and excuse go together in satisfaction or gratification according how its used. Excuses are sinful and disastrous. Most preventive to life is no excuse for behavior. Excuses are a cause for change. Excuse is used to overlook on offense or fault. Excuse is uses for release from obligations. Excuse is used to permit leave or justify a defiance of some action. Excuse is used to apologize or permission to leave. To excuse oneself most of all excuse is used to hide the truth. The main thing in life God does not except excuses with no exceptions. Excuse from good or evil all try to get away with it. Theirs a price to pay for which way an excuse is used. God wants all to live in obedience without excuse. Thank the Lord Jesus the Christ for your life and well being. Living a life against God's will is a form of betrayal.