Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Erosion: Conception Without Concern

The human crisis, ignorance of the fact, ignored by error, the state of being. Equality of life its self God's design formed by the hand of God, molded in his own image. Life's source, a mind, a body, and soul with a free will and a beating heart. Energized in the beginning to serve a purpose knowledge to learn truth, trust, and love one another. All beings are one of a kind and carry the traits of our parents. Your free will also comes with a warning to observe. God's will is to be followed, guidance from above. The living word of God, sin become prevalent in the beginning of time. First born Adam, son of God in the Garden of Eden plush with greenery and vegetation, added to his life a rib taken from his side, a mate, Eve, came alive. A mate to share and multiply and follow the word of God. Warning from right or wrong was to be followed. Di stained from the beginning of time, sin came alive, Lucifer, an angel cast from Heaven, supreme in being, master of disguise, came as a serpent advised Adam and Eve nothing would happen eating a certain fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. God's warning was ignored and to this day all carry this guilt. The wages of sin is death yet still not listened to. Lucifer and legions of his followers sent to spread terror, to destroy the will of man. Other names Satan, the Devil, ruler of darkness the evilistic nature of demons is to deceive and devour the mind. Morals values have eroded and sin of pleasure prevails. Selfishness with greed. Deception is to deceive and conquer mankind. Fear is to dominate ones will. The sense of well being is the erosion of self. God is not here to punish. All punishment is of one's self. Suffering is self induced through the consequences endured. The sign from Mother Nature comes with a price. Hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, super storms, tidal waves will bring cleansing from sin. All will suffer the curse of evil infliction of mankind. Global warming, climate change is suddenly happening. Disappearing of nature's bees are sever and alarming to the universe. The pollination of plants, and all vegetation also the honey bee. A producing insect, life's source of existence. Disobedience from the will of God is now in epidemic form. God's grace and mercy is for our salvation. Glory be in the name of God, our Heavenly Father, Jesus the Christ. Lord of all life.