Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Envious Heart: Love Conquers All

God Wants You to be a Pathfinder for Others

To live in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, you have to abide in the Lord continuously. You have to live and walk in the will of God. The state of life you're living at this moment took much time to get to this point of time. Nothing happens overnight. You’re effort without God is futile. Nothing is as sweet as your consecration coming to Christ. To not equip yourself spiritually, your relationship with Christ, you're not conformed in his likeness. Measure your spiritual growth with your increasing awareness in your sinfulness and weakness. Respond quickly in genuine repentance. Satan tries with trials and difficulties to undermine your heart. What's in your heart determines your life. Your words are your conveyor of faith. Wrong words abort your eye of faith. It's vital to keep your high praise and worship on your lips of the lord. Grow in the spiritual relationship and conform in his likeness and apply the truth in your life. Spiritual growth is for your protection. Be strong in your relationship with Christ. Share with others what Jesus, the Christ is doing in your life. The key to everything in life comes from God. Kindness, blessings, peace, love and joy. Intimate relationships desire to be obedient, which makes attraction to sin less and less. Strife and envy is of the devil. Love keeps you from envy. Without love brings no joy, no patience, unforgiving will bring you wrong. Let not one moment of envy enter your body. Envy is an enemy of love. Envy is the chief source of division and persecution. Envy is an ill will of success and discontent. Envy comes to steal from you. Envy is a spirit that will keep you from enjoying the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Love rejoices and wipes out envy. A sound heart is the life of the flesh. Envy proceeds from the devil. Envy causes sickness and disease. Envy is a serious enemy. Love conquers envy, jealousy, envious heart and strife. Love is to live free. Love never fails. Love of God is so powerful regardless what comes unto you love keeps you from envy. Jesus the Christ is Lord. Let the love of God flow through you.