Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Divine Awareness: Demonic Fallacy

From the beginning of time, the creation of all the universe, the burst of life and all its beauty are things of nature. Humanity with every level came alive. God the Father of all the universe the breath of existence with everlasting life. Every living thing born of God is for a purpose and reason. All living matter given birth with a Holy spirit to abide in God's will, time, perception or ability to understand. Knowledge wisdom, with love in thanksgiving a free will to live by and to follow the will of god. Instructions of obedience, forbidden fruits from the Tree of Knowledge, advised Adam and Eve first born in the Garden of Eden severe warnings to avoid penalties of existence of life to come. God's will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Cast out of heaven God's most favored angel, Lucifer, and his many followers. Betrayal and rebellion against God's will was broken. Evil in spirit were given refuge on Earth demonic spirits, legions of many, occupy the minds of the nature of mankind. Lucifer used the mind of Adam and Eve disguised as a serpent, a master of many forms, gave birth to the first sin against God's will, and to this day runs rampant through the minds of all humanity. All are guilty from the first sin. Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, three in one demons, evilistic, invade the mind through greed, lust, deception, the hidden dark side all try to hide. Everything hidden will come to light at judgment. No misdeed will go unpunished. The wages of sin is death. God so loved the world, He gave his most begotten son to die in your place for the sin of all mankind. Jesus has risen from the grave, crucified by Pontius Pilate and after three days sits at the right hand side with God our heavenly Father. Repentance is one's only salvation from death by redemption. All humanity lives with Dark Matter, severe warning given by God. A curse from sin, all are guilty of. Through temptation from your free will not to know worst hurt, destroys the soul born in the Holy Spirit. You lose your divine protection from sin through evil spirits by deception. The wages for sin is death saith the Lord. God's will broken forever, from the beginning. All humanity live with guilt the hidden sin. There is life after death, repentance savior of the soul. In thanksgiving is to give back something greater than your life. God's love for others. Giving god all the praise and glory from his blessings in the name of the Holy Trinity, our Heavenly Father Lord God Jesus the Christ in the Holy Spirit.