Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Disobedience and Damnation

Disobedience is the biggest sin in the world. Also pride. Self-knowledge is to know oneself, the greatest gift God can give you. Knowledge is selfishness. It lets you know what area in your life is not like Jesus. Impatience and anger follows all people. You can't go to heaven full of anger or pride. When you face God you are looking to absolute truth. You never worked for me, but for oneself gain, and always to blame someone else. Patience is to be calm, cool and collected. You have to keep trying god honors your trying. Impatience brings anger. You have to work hard against it. You cant share your ignorance. Its you who has to stop being this way. Ask yourself why you're angry. It's you who has to change direction in your life. Not to blame the somebody that makes you mad and angry. All have thoughts of anger. To think if you died in the next five minutes have not anger on your mind. We are so blind to the truth. We know not truth anymore. Our mind is so boggled by our own free will. Where's the truth, can you answer that? Truth is the church. It's called sacred rest. We know not truth anymore. Ask others for you to know thyself. The Holy Bible is the work of God. The Gospel is the truth. If you keep my commandments I will swell in you. Self-knowledge charity you owe it to the Lord Jesus the Christ. To become holy. The Virgin Mary and Jesus are the only ones to be faultless. Who do you want to believe. You have two choices, either Jesus or the Devil. Do not follow the truth it's called misguided compassion. To not understand fornication is a sin you will go right into it. People say God has no right over us. Know yourself in the truth. God is inside of all people. He knows your every thought -your mind your every hair on your head. To pray for others their will is in the way. The will is not tin the way when you pray for something good. prayers back up in people causes there will is not ready. All prayers for others living or dead is trying to save a person's soul. Jesus is in all who call upon his name. Confession is a healing sacrament. To say you found Jesus is to have Jesus. Evil attracts all people. It's the older people who find time to pray. Light and darkness have nothing in common. All life is being established on the web. Lord have mercy. Satanic forces are at work to control the mind. Pray for the sick. Seek the truth. Sense of being you will never be disappointed or deceived. All strength comes with prayer. Everything in life is for a reason. You are the reason for living. You are the reason for dying. Jesus the Christ is the reason for being. Amen. Alleluia. Most precious is the gift of life.