Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Demons Are Fallen Angels: Rebellious to Gods Authority

There are two spirits in the world. The Holy Spirit and the Demonic spirit. Demon spirits are evil spirits of temptation. Evil is subordinate to good. Guardian angels are assigned to all. Angels are natural apparitions of God. Angels are supernatural beings with great power, divine from above. Angels are in multitude everywhere in all forms. Angels are fearsome warriors of God. Saint Michael, the Arc Angel. Is Tsrael's guardian angel in the legions of the Lord. The angel of enunciation. Gabriel, in bringing the good news of the birth of Jesus. The holy angels are protectors of the faith, servants, and messengers of God. Angels close the gap between Heaven and Earth. Angels are spirits of fire and light, divine in magic. Angels are signs for the moment. Invisible to the eye, angels appear and disappear. If you encounter angels, you will not know who and what they look like. Lucifer once was an angel from Heaven, turned away from God's grace and was cast out and down given refuge on earth with His many followers. Lucifer, also named Satan the Devil, is an evil spirit on the other side of fear. God is our deliverance from fear with faith showing a way of escape. Salvation for everlasting life. Demonic spirits are legions in the millions, under Satan's rule. God is the light of the world: Satan is an evil force, the ruler of darkness. God created hell for the Devil and his followers. Hell is real, a place for mortal sinners who die in sin, you choose your eternity. God's will or yours. God's will was broken in the beginnings. God's warning with stern sever penalties were ignored by Adam and Eve in the gardens of Eden. Lucifer, a master of disguise, took the form of a serpent and told them that nothing could happen when they ate of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Through temptation from Satan, the first sin was committed and to this day and forever runs rampant, contagious to all humanity. All carry this guilt through demons demonic angels who occupy the minds of all beings, through temptation, an open door to sin. Deception, corruption, conspiracy, lust, greed, envy, anger, rage, denial, liar. Evil is alive in all minds and is released at will. Repentance is one's only salvation of who is living on the inside of you. The Holy Bible, the Ten Commandments, divine guidance of God's will. Eternal and forever serene in thanksgiving. Giving God all praise and glory in the Holy trinity, our Heavenly Father. His only begotten son, Jesus the Christ in the Holy Spirit.