Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth: The Virgin Mary

She is the immaculate conception, the blessed mother, bearer of our savior and the special patron of our age. She is the most precious, Jesus mother, spoken in the Garden of Agony. Behold my mother, look at her the way I look at her. Let her be a mother to you. I want to give her my heart immaculate heart. A mother isn't a mother until she gives her heart. Teaching righteousness she taught Jesus how to pray. She wanted to give everything to him. The Holy Spirit unites himself to the Virgin Mary to consecrate the very will of God. Forming us through the holy spirit. She is doing the work of the Holy Spirit to live the will of God. She is in charge of our hearts. She is the finger of the right hand of God. Belief is put into question. She has come to earth this century because she is needed. I am teaching you how to live and understand me and give yourself to me and ask for help. Pray five decades of the rosary each say. It's through the Holy Spirit I will come unto you. Many don't believe in the virgin Mary and want to go straight to God. She asked for passion to be united in God. We are all her children come together not divided. She wants all to love one another. I am present always among you. Pray to the blessed mother. She wants you to come into her presence. It's the mother who loves him in you. It's Jesus who will lead you to me. Jesus speaks through Mary to you. The voice of the heavenly mother of God that comes down to you. It doesn't make sense not to love the mother of God. God is the only mediator of Christ Jesus . Jesus mediates the grace. Mary is the mediator through God the father the son and the holy spirit. May Mary and her blessings come onto you. Mary is a reminder of who you dedicate your life to eternity. It's how much he loves his mother. Mary is the great joy of God made for himself. Its God's creation to his perfection. He observes she is his bride. His greatest joy is to give her to you. It will please God in a special way. It's important if you go to Mary for direction and help. Many want to go direct to god and bypass Mary. The Mother of God intercedes through the lord Jesus the Christ on our behalf. Through prophecy the Virgin Mary appeared and spoke of isolated messages. Apparitions appeared unexpectedly becoming visible. From around 1830 the immaculate Virgin Mary mother of God sheds her blood and persists to this day. Our lady of fatima the blessed Virgin Mary appeared in 1917 in Portugal Cordoba Spain. Twice in this century alone oour lady has intervened at fatima in a special way. The miraculous apparitions to three peasant children. Events of prophecy messages that will come to pass to the world. These messages were to be opened in different year periods. Signs and warnings. The one event that everyone in the village that came to pass was solar occurrence. The sun began to dance all over the sky with thunder erupted for all to see. The occurrence that happened. Instant healing occurred the blind to see the flame to walk. Miracles performed. believers and nonbelievers cried in disbelief. Multitudes kneeled and prayed to praise the immaculate Virgin Mary mother of God. The Virgin Mary appeared in the new world. On December 12, 1531, our lady performed three miracles. An apparition of a woman who identified herself as the mother of the true God. In a small village in Guadeloupe, Mexico our lady appeared in person to a peasant, Juan Diego, gathering wood in the desert hills. She send Juan Diego several times to prove to the bishops of her appearance. It was only proven true after Juan brought fresh roses in December out of season in his cloak apron also a image in living color of herself the crowned Virgin Mary mother of God. Examined and tested the colors impregnated on the cloak apron of Juan Diego are not of this world. Today remains at the church she wanted built in the Basilica in Guadeloupe, Mexico is the shrine and image of the sovereign crowned Virgin Mary queen of all heaven and earth mother of God. Multitudes of people form all over the world come to view pray look for healings to our lady of Guadeloupe the immaculate virgin Mary mother of God. This century sin has become most wicked. Abortion, Roe vs. wade form 1973 to this day in 1999 thirty seven million fifty eight thousand abortions have been performed in the united states. Over one billion four hundred sixty four million in the world. God have mercy. Abortion is a mortal sin. Moral values out of control. Families are being destroyed. Everything against Gods will. Sin flourishes running rampant. It's Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. Armageddon is at our door. God have mercy on all human life. Amen. Alleluia. Pope John Paul II in honor this day, Saturday, January 23, 1999 visiting the Americas, the shrine of the immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Guadeloupe, Mexico. Declaring December 12 the feast of our Lady of Guadeloupe.