Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza



Rely on things simple and rely on common sense. All have faith but few rely on it. With health choose your own crossroads. Try to make them smooth, do the best you can. You have the time to prepare for it. Passion and commitment sometimes you come to the crossroads the only appear once. Anything you want to do go and do it. Jump in and do the things that you think you're not destined to do. Once you start you create a habit to do right. The smaller the curb you make it easier to achieve. Character and integrity is the building block to tomorrow. There is no way to passion can work for you. You've got to get in the vicinity to achieve your goal. You will rule out the things that lure you to it. Get close to the action. You have to make time to live out the passion. Most things don't have signs on them. You see the cross roads in them. To experience life you fine tune you censor. Follow your passion for knowledge. Passion for many things you find you can do one but settle for both. Whatever you do in life you can turn them into achievements and blessings. You have to fill yourself with diversity. In spite of contingency you're responsible for you life. It's your balance how your feet is planted in the situation. Passion is for references and the frame of things to come along the way