Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Creative Peace: Silence is Golden

Divine love moves everything, a force from the Heavens and stars. Energy equals mass. Energy is a miser, you never see it but when it goes off you feel it. Life is like an ember. To leave it on, fire, it slowly burns away. To take it away from the fire it will burst into flame. Life is like a vapor, a puff of smoke, a mist passing through. You can't go back in time but you can go forward at a terrific speed. What you believe in is where you're going. Search your soul for escape. There is no distance in time. Time is the essence of life itself, awareness is the essence of being. Jesus the Christ God is our Heavenly Father, protector of the universe and all living beings. Life's greatest mystery is the transfer of the life giving heart and soul at death. Life is for a purpose, not adventure. Pain is emotional and comes in many forms. Pain is endured with responsibility. Life would not exist without pain. All live with their own obsession. Obsessed with culture of sense of worth. Only the righteous will enjoy the fruits of their labor. The unworthy suffer consequences to come. No sin hidden is gotten away with and not paid for. You start paying after you do them through temptation. To repent is to turn away sin. Death is the price paid in full. The righteous are rewarded with eternal life. Prayers are timeless. All things come true to the word of God. Blessings follow the believer. Mercy in time of need is a spiritual treasure. It's better to be rich in spirit where peace of mind is golden. Praise be to the Holy Spirit God, our Heavenly Father, his divine love is carnal and everlasting. Following the will of God through prayer he hears us. The bible, the treasure of truth, the good news, yesterday, today, and forever, the word of God. Instructions to live by, silence is understanding, knowledge is wisdom, awareness is decisions. All life is by design not by accident. Burdens are formed through the mind with thought. All are guilty from sin and fall short of the Glory of God. All carry strife, pride with envy, to grow weary you lose your faith, with fear takes one to destruction. All carry a responsibility of oneself with well being. All things of this earth are on loan and will be returned at life's end. May God's grace and mercy shine on your soul. Glory be to the Father, his only begotten son Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit.