Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Confession: Burden Upon Ourselves

Hope becomes a light of all generations. Life becomes an open door to our destiny that which is to happen in the future. A gesture, a path to follow. A time without favor. Anxiety to reality. The journey in life has many pitfalls and hidden dangers. In the beginning of time creation of man was given birth by the Heavenly Father. God of all creation, created a Garden of Eden, and every living thing and creature. The burst of live came alive. God took a rib of man, who he formed out of clay and made woman, a mate in companionship named by God as Adam and Eve. To multiply, increase they nature of God's design. The beginnings that has no end. Cast down out of heaven, rebelled fallen by God's grace, angels against God's will also occupy this earth given refuge. Its leader, Lucifer by name, enticed Adam and Eve first advised by God a stern warning about a certain fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, not to fear, enticed by Lucifer against the will of God. Supernatural entities rebellion against God. The first sin came alive and to this day dominates all living beings. All carry this guilt and will face the same consequences, extreme from the wages of sin. God also provides protection from sin. To resist temptation by repentance. To be born again through confession, the cleansing of the soul is to find redemption. A form of penance. A life saving contention of forgiveness, we ask in prayer for God to forgive us our trespasses yet we still do not listen. Forgiveness only comes by forgiving other, not to forgive you're not forgiven. Your free will, Holy at birth, your body is the temple of God and your purpose in life is to follow the will of God and to obey the Ten commandments and to entrust in the truth of the Holy Bible. God sent his son being born by a virgin called Mary. God's only begotten son named Jesus in coming to save all humanity, was crucified by Pontus Pilate and died for all sins of each and every living being...yesterday, today and forever. Deception, conspiracy, corruption, destruction of every kind all carries this guilt. Sin dominates the world. The ruler of darkness is also alive and well, the wages of sin is death without everlasting life, still not listened to. The heart is the guardian of the soul. A divided heart is of no value. You cannot serve two God's of devotion. What lives in the heart stays in the heart. To fill the vacancy in the heart the perfect gift will find you. Accepting Jesus the Christ. Without Jesus you lose our way and are lost forever. The key to live is in the greatest treasure. His Christ as your personal savior. Confession is a cry of mercy. Sin becomes a crucial point, a crutch, the problem, resistance from temptation. Complete surrender is without exception showing. Praise and glory be in the name of our Heavenly Father, Jesus the Christ, in the Holy Spirit...